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Fraud and Scams

Fraud and Scams

       Provides information on how to avoid fraud, consumer rip-offs, telemarketing fraud, pyramid schemes, internet scams, and how to spot fraud scams.

» Protecting Yourself from Fundraising Fraud - If you're thinking about donating to one of the over 700,000 federally recognized charities soliciting for contributions, make sure your dollars benefit the people and organizations you want to help.
» Scams Artists Make You a Lottery Loser - A ploy used is to lure Americans into buying phony low-risk chances in supposed high-stakes foreign lotteries. Victims of these scams not only lose their money, but also risk violating federal law.
» International Drivers License Scams - A driver's license that can never be suspended or revoked. That's what some marketers of web sites offer, and if it sounds too good to be true, it is. An IDP is useless within America's borders.
» Do Not Let Deception Steal Your Invention - Turning an idea into a product and bringing that product to market can be a rewarding process, but many invention promotion firms claim-falsely-that they can turn almost any idea into cash.

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